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Mobile users may get true freephone calls

Ofcom says it is planning to ban mobile phone operators from charging for 0800 numbers.

Such numbers, which are often used for help and support lines, are free to call from landlines. However, calls from mobiles are often charged, in some cases up to 20 pence per minute.

The Consumer Focus group told the BBC this was particularly unfair to people on low incomes who are more likely to rely on mobile phones and not have access to a landline.

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Mobile roaming costs to fall further

European politicians have called for dramatic cuts in the cost of using mobile phones overseas. But they rejected the idea of outlawing roaming charges altogether.

Under the new rules, to be phased in over the next two years, the maximum allowable charges will be cut by more than half. By 1 July 2014, networks can only charge 12 pence per minute for making calls while in another EU country and 4 pence for sending a text.

There will also be a return to caps on data charges. Full Story

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T-Mobile offers ultimate unlimited deal

Mobile network T-Mobile has launched what appears to the first completely unlimited all-round smartphone package. "The Full Monty" plan has no limits on calls, texts or data, and there's no fair use limit on the data plan.

The deal is for a minimum of two years and includes a handset. The monthly cost is either £41, £46 or £61 depending on the choice of handsets. Each tariff gives Full Story

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