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O2 joins mobile payment market

O2 is launching its own mobile payments service that will allow payments by users on all phone networks.

The service comes in a free app that brings together several different forms of mobile payment. Users register a debit or credit card with the application and can then use it for spending on the move. However, they'll need to "load" the app with cash before spending, in a similar way to a pre-paid card.

The app allows so-called "tap and pay" or Full Story
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Bank brings mobile payments to older phones

Barclays has found a way to bring mobile payments to people whose phones aren't new or advanced enough to have a Near Field Communication chip built-in.

An NFC chip allows wireless communication over a range of just a couple of centimetres, meaning it can be used for "swipe" or "wave to pay" tools while drastically reducing the risk of data being intercepted. While some phones can already be linked to a card account and used for cardless payments in this way, Full Story

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Vibrating tattoos could replace vibrating phones

What links a tattoo and a mobile phone? According to Nokia, the unlikely punchline is magnetic waves.

The company has filed a patent on a technology that would allow customers to have a special tattoo that would vibrate when the user receives a call. It would work by using a metal-based magnetic ink for the tattoo, which would be activated by magnetic waves from the phone.

The metal content, which could also be built into a small gadget attached to a fingernail or stomach, Full Story

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4G may be on its way to UK

High speed mobile broadband services could be operating in the UK as early as this year, a surprise application has revealed.

Communications regulator Ofcom had previously planned for the 4G services to come into action late next year or even in 2014. That was based on a schedule of auctioning off frequencies that won't be freed up until the process of switching off analogue TV signals is complete.

However, Full Story

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Charity shop uses smartphones to tell a tale

Oxfam is using mobile phones to help customers learn more about the back stories of the used goods it sells.

The charity believes people are more likely to buy products, particularly unusual or unique ones, if they know more about their history and how they were used or passed down a family. The idea is to use personal stories to give items more sense of meaning beyond their raw monetary value.

As there isn't always room to include such details on price tags or signs, Full Story

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