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You can choose to submit a free basic listing or a sponsored listing which you can control and customise.

FREE LISTING - Get a Targeted Relevant Link for Free

A free submission will get your site listed alphabetically with all other basic links in a maximum of 1 category per site. Your site and listing will be reviewed and if suitable published in around 30 days.

example free listing:

Free Listing Features:

  • Title: up to 70 characters
  • Description: up to 275 characters
  • Positioned alphabetically as default with all basic listings
  • Maximum of 1 category per site
  • Inclusion in around 30 days

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SPONSORED LISTING - Control the Look, Feel and Position of Your Listings

If you want more control over the look and position of your listing you can open a Sponsored Listing Account.

You can add an unlimited number of listings which will be reviewed within 48 hours and if suitable appear above all free basic listings in a maximum of 5 categories per site. You will be given a username and password to login to your account where you can see your link stats, edit your listings and add or change your logo.

example sponsored listing:

Fixed Pricing

Fixed priced listings appear above basic links but below dynamic ones. You simply buy a number of clicks or days at the current rate which are added to your account. As your listing is clicked on by visitors the cost of each click or day is deducted from your account. When your account is low or runs out simply buy more clicks or days.

The current rates for fixed price listings are: 100 clicks: 20.00; 1 day listing: 2.00

Please Note: there is no minimum or maximum restriction on the number of fixed price clicks you can buy for any listing. You can add 1 or 1000 to your account at a time.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing works like Overture and also allows you to decided how much you want to pay for a click. The difference is that your listing position will depend upon how much you pay per click compared with other advertisers. Dynamically priced links will appear above basic and fixed price priority links. If you pay the highest price per click, you will be the first listing at the top of the page.

Current rates for dynamic pricing are simply a minimum cost per click of 0.05 and a maximum currently set at 1.00. You choose how much you want to pay in between the minimum and maximum.

Sponsored Listing Features:

  • Personal account and control panel
  • Title: up to 70 characters
  • Description: up to 250 characters
  • Positioned at the top of each category on the first page
  • Fixed or dynamic pricing to control your position and budget
  • Up to 5 categories for each listing
  • Unlimited number of listings permitted
  • Add, update, edit or delete your listings anytime
  • Include your logo
  • Inclusion within 48 hours

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