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Review of Tesco Mobile Sony Experia x8

Written by Astacey
Review Published: 9/7/2011 - Rating: 0.00 (0 votes)

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I placed an order for the phone over the internet on a 2 year contract for my daughter, we received the phone days later but Tesco take the date of order the first day of warranty, so you lose almost a week by the time you have placed the order.

The phone was faulty from day one, we reported this within 2 weeks of having it, it had no signal, the screen kept freezing, cutting out during a call etc. When I phoned I was told to try a new sim (at my expense), if this did not fix it phone back, we tried this and still not working, when I phoned back they said they would only offer a repair not an exchange.

On there website it states if a fault is reported within 28 days they will exchange for a new phone, after this only a repair is offered. This is not true as when I phoned they would only offer a repair, also they take day of purchase as first day of contract which is wrong, you lose a week by the time they deliver. I would not have a contract from Tesco's again.

Good Points: None
Bad Points: After sales service
Customer Service Rating: 0/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
Recommended? No
Company Website: www.tescomobile.com

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